With a row of dawn redwood trees in the background that change
their expression from season to season.
A GLAMPING & CAFE where you can spend time
in harmony with immaculate nature

GLAMPING & CAFE MUKU is located along a row of dawn redwood trees in Makino Town, Takashima City,
Shiga Prefecture, a popular sightseeing spot visited by 130,000 people a year.
Spring is refreshing with the fresh green buds that sprout all at once, summer is beautiful with its deep green against the blue sky,
autumn is enchanting with the bright red leaves, and winter is magical with its snowy landscapes and bare trees.
We offer in a total of four glamping cabins here: two domed tents, a trailer house, and a Lotus Belle tent where you can stay with your dog.
The sun shining through the trees, the star-filled sky, the immaculate air.
A glamping experience in harmony with nature, a moment to reconnect with your innocence.

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With a row of dawn redwood trees that change their expression with the seasons.
A glamping facility with four cabins.

GLAMPING & CAFE MUKU is located in Makino, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, known for its rows of dawn redwood trees, which attract 130,000 tourists a year. 500 dawn redwood trees line of 2.4-kilometer, and the location is ideal for glamping.
With the dawn redwood trees changing their expressions as the seasons change, we invite you to spend a moment in contact with nature and return to innocence.


Very popular dome-shaped tents
Four types of glamping styles to choose from

All four glamping cabins are air-conditioned for year-round comfort. We have two dome-shaped tents, which are gaining popularity, one suite cabin-type tent with open outdoor living space, and one pet-friendly Lotus Belle tent with a private dog run.
In the room of your choice, have a great glamping time you can only experience here.

Hot spring x glamping

Enjoy “Onsen Sarasa” for free
Hot spring x glamping

For hotel guests only, we invite you to “Onsen Sarasa”, which is located about 5 minutes by car from GLAMPING MUKU. In addition to the large public bath where you can relax, you can enjoy a jacuzzi, an open-air bath, and a sauna. Enjoy a more extraordinary experience with hot springs and glamping.

Activity Park

Unique playground equipment
Activity Park

In front of the cafe, we have a plaza with unique playground equipment where children can play to their heart's content and refresh themselves after a day of sightseeing.
Adults can watch their children while taking a relaxing break in the garden seat.

Private campfire

All cabins are equipped with
Private campfire

All cabins are equipped with individual campfires so that you can enjoy a campfire in a private space.
Spend a special time with your loved ones.


Made with local ingredients such as Japan's three major wagyu beef and Omi beef
Two types of meal menus to choose from

Enjoy meals unique to MUKU that use plenty of ingredients from Shiga Prefecture, known as a treasure trove of gourmet food, such as high-quality Omi beef that has been selected as one of Japan's top three Wagyu beef, agricultural products made with clean water, and seafood from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy it. You can choose from two types of meals: the classic glamping experience, Omi beef BBQ, and Omi beef and Omi duck shabu-shabu. We also offer a ``Room Meal Plan'' where you can bring your own ingredients and enjoy an original BBQ for a limited time only.

Dog glamping

You can stay with your dog
Dog glamping

Doggy is an important part of the family. We have one Lotus Belle tent with a dog run. Each tent is equipped with an individual dog run space where your dog can run around freely without worrying about other guests or other dogs.
Through comfortable glamping, it will further strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Free drink service

Free beverage service
Free drink service

The cafe offers an inclusive drink service from 15:00 to 17:00, only for overnight guests.
In addition to the cafe menu, beer, sake, and a variety of soft drinks are available.
We also offer one free drink at dinner.

Individual dining space, toilets and showers

Comfortable private glamping
Individual dining space, toilets and showers

All cabins are equipped with individual dining areas, allowing you to relax in your own private space.
In addition, the Forest Dome and Suite Cabins are equipped with individual toilets and showers for a more fulfilling stay.
*Dog Lotus Tent guests can use the toilets and showers in the reception building.

Amenities for women

Gentle for children and women
Amenities for women

We can offer a full range of amenities for children and women who are not fond of the outdoors.
Towels, toothbrushes, nightwear, and other basic necessities are provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


4 types of glamping styles to choose from

  • Forest Dome 【UN】

    Forest Dome 【UN】

    6 people
    Number of beds
    4 single beds
    2 extra beds
  • Forest Dome 【DEUX】

    Forest Dome 【DEUX】

    6 people
    Number of beds
    3 double beds
  • Suite Cabins

    Suite Cabins【Dogs are allowed】

    4 people
    Number of beds
    2 double beds
  • Dog Lotus

    Dog Lotus【Dogs are allowed】

    4 people
    Number of beds
    2 double beds


Surrounding sightseeing



We will answer your questions about the facility. You can also find detailed information about the facilities and equipment on the room page of our site.


Check-in location

1663-1 Hiruguchi, Makino-cho, Takashima 520-1833

※Check-in location is here.

  • By car

    1 hour and 20 minutes from Kyoto Higashi IC via Lake Biwa West Rift Road

  • By public transportation

    From JR Makino Station, take the Takashima City Community Bus Makino Kogen Line, get off at Makino Picland, and walk 2 minutes. list